What makes the AnzeigenChef so exciting for your classifieds? Here we would like to list some points which will help you and simplify your everyday life

Mature tool, based on many years of experience

The AnzeigenChef has been developed since 2016 and is therefore a stable system that has been built up by us and customer experience. We don’t just offer you a tool, but advise and promote your success in the area of classifieds. Our support is available daily, both in the public community and by email or phone. Your subscription already contains all the support services that are necessary for a smooth process. We are a young, flexible company, free from rigid structures and long decision-making paths. In this way, suggestions, criticism and market changes can be implemented quickly and easily.

Templates, folders, markers

Each of your ads is available as a template and can be organized in any folder structure. Special displays can be highlighted with colored markers. If you have a similar product, simply copy an existing ad.


Not every ad should be advertised immediately, so it’s a good idea to use the start schedule to bring ads to the platforms at core times.

Active / Paused / Deleted

The visual separation helps you to organize yourself better. If advertisements expire or are terminated, they are in the “Deleted” category and can be reinserted at any time. Paused ads are displayed separately and can be continued individually or multiple times. If you don’t use the automatic renewal of ads and forgot to renew them manually, they won’t be lost but will end up in the deleted ads. One click is enough to bring them back to the exit and onto the platform.

Search, sort and filter

We make it very easy for you to quickly search out an ad. The search finds ads via the regular search and also offers the possibility to add additional filters to further restrict them. Would you like to know on which ads there are only a few visitors and observers? Then expand your search with the appropriate sorting.

Legal requirement for data storage

As a commercial provider you are obliged to save all conversations. The AnzeigenChef does this automatically. All conversations are archived and are available for research purposes at any time. Advertisements can be archived as PDF so that they are also available as document authentic.

Simple, local and uncomplicated

With local installation on your Mac, Linux, or Windows PC, you can work independently of any web page and prepare your ads in peace. Your data is not stored in any cloud, nobody can follow your conversations and you can use the AnzeigenChef on any number of devices.

Statistics and Activities

It is fun to follow the activities throughout the day. Here a new visitor, there another observer, this display works well and much more. Look at curves and bars, which visually show the progress of your ads, there it will warm everyone’s heart.


Yeah, it’s forced, but you don’t have to write anything. You can still read. The community lets like-minded people come together, people talk about classifieds, help each other with problems and exchange contacts here and there. With more than 250 users plus one of our supporters, who are usually online at the same time, there is always someone who can respond to your concerns.

Search agent

Looking for something for a long time? The search agent is very easy to use, just insert the URL of the finished search and click OK. The AnzeigenChef
permanently searches the content and notifies you of new ads immediately, you can react to it and immediately make a request to be the first if possible in absolute bargains.

Fair play! Which we do not offer

Because we can’t! However, since we are not working against the platforms, we do not offer some features. This includes in particular the automatic deletion and new insertion of advertisements, search agents that generate a high load and various VPN connections under different accounts. We would like to point out that improper termination and new advertising as well as duplicates in various postcode areas can lead to account blocking.